Blood Fest: Chasing DestinyAugust 20, 2011: Amanda of Novel Addiction Calls Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny a Great Read.

She says: “I'm  a big fan of private investigators, and I enjoyed a lead character that was a private eye, and a strong female one at that. I thought our two main characters going undercover as decorators was a good choice, and fit with the storyline, as well as added and interesting little side bit to the main plot. Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny had some seriously good pacing. This sort of thing is generally underrated, in my opinion - not something you really notice unless it's incredibly bad. But Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny did well, mixing the high action or sensual scenes with enough little breaks in between to give the audience a chance to process and relax before moving onto another tense situation...All in all, a very enjoyable read. A great book to add to your electronic reader (I believe a paperback edition is also available) and take on vacation or for a long car ride - if you're not driving, that is. =) Recommendation: Fans of a quick paced paranormal romance/urban fantasy should check out Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny.” READ FULL REVIEW


Blood Fest: Chasing DestinyAugust 16, 2011: Paula of the Phantom Paragrapher Says Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny Has It All.

She says: "Are you a fan of the Paranormal Romantic Suspense novels? If so, Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny has everything you need from Mystery, Romance and Paranormal creatures...American Private Investigators Chase and David are on the brink of losing their PI business unless they can get into some cash to pay the bills fast. During their crash, they end up hitting an elderly man who we discover is Lord Fernwood and who happens coindenkly been on his way to Chase and David's PI offices. Some strange deaths have been occurring at the Fernwood mansion and now he wants Chase and David to go undercover as Interior designers to investigate. Is this the case they have been waiting for to put them back into business and solve their financial problems, it seems too good to be true and as we discover once they are across the ocean—it is, as Roman Fernwood—Lord Fernwood's grandson is in fact half lycan/half vampire and someone is setting him up to look like a murderer...

We soon discover that Chase is in fact not entirely human but a half-tiger/half-human and as she has no family, she is unaware. At age 29, she is at a crucial point in her life as her powers are about to come into full bloom and her claws out...Will the case be solved or will it become too much as Chase discovers her true identity and which hunk will she leave with at the end of the novel—Roman or Dillon or will somebody appear last minute? Find out all this and more in Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny by Pepper O'Neal." READ FULL REVIEW


Blood Fest: Chasing DestinyAugust 15, 2011: Melissa Rheinlander calls Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny a really, great read!

She says: I really enjoyed reading this book! It has a great mix of paranormal beings with a twist. The storyline is very fast paced and gets you hooked into Chase's drama that is unfolding in front of her…The interactions between all the characters is relate-able and believable (if we were supernatural beings)!

Pepper O'Neal has a great book that takes you in from the first word and leaves you wanting more with the last! If you are a fan of the paranormal, then this is definitely a book to add to your TBR list!!  My rating is 4 out of 5 Hearts! Really great read! READ FULL REVIEW


Blood Fest: Chasing DestinyAugust 16:2011: Bri Clark Says Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny Had Her From British Hero

She says: Pepper O’Neal is a fine author and this was a first for me from her. Not to mention I'm into this kind of Historical Fiction mood so I was thoroughly surprised to get into Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny. A sucker for an alpha and a Brit to boot....purrrr. I also love my witty, feisty heroine.

This book had that and so much more. The characters from the protagonists to the gay PI partner to the eccentric mortal father of Roman Fernwood were a true joy. While paranormal romance's definition is so broad but Pepper has a definite signature that sets her apart and ahead.  READ FULL REVIEW


Blood Fest: Chasing DestinyFriday, August 12, 2011: Lori of Romancing The Darkside calls Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny a fun and sexy paranormal thrill ride!

She says: “Chase is the kind of heroine you gravitate to from the start. She's strong, mouthy and won't let anyone tell her what to do, she's a very real character (well except for the shifter part!)...Her chemistry with Roman is both fun and seductive, I couldn't get enough of those two and their sexy banter throughout the story!...Roman has vowed never to find a mate but that all changes when he meets Chase. He doesn't know why he instantly feels an attraction to her, even while knowing what she truly is and finds himself opening up to the possibility of love the more time he spends with her.

Watching the Alpha male who claims to be an eternal bachelor as a love-struck puppy is always a treat for me and Roman definitely delivers! In Chasing Destiny, Pepper O'Neal has created a unique twist to the vampire/werewolf lore that makes this book truly stand out. Paranormal Romance lovers will fall for the forbidden love story between Chase and Roman and Urban Fantasy fans will enjoy the mystery, suspense and intense revelations. Filled with secrets, passion and thrills, this is one amazing story to indulge in!” READ FULL REVIEW