Friday, September 19, 2014: Red City Review gives Blood Fest: Cursing Fate 5 Stars!

Blood Fest: Cursing FateThey say: “This book was [an] addicting read. Pepper O’Neal has crafted an amazingly real world that draws you in and does not want to let you go. The characters are real and relatable, the scenes and backdrop are perfectly portrayed, the conversations and the story flow naturally. Even the relationship between Drake and Tabbi seems real and unforced. Blood Fest is great writing. The author has managed to take a supernatural theme and make it seem perfectly normal. She also filled in all of the details—there was never a time that you didn’t understand what was going on or why something happened the way it did. O’Neal has thought everything out. I also liked the way she took a common theme and managed to make it her own. This is not your typical book about lycans or weres or vampires or humans. This is an amazing combination of them all. Whether you like paranormal romance or simply love a good book you will find everything you need here!” READ FULL REVIEW

Blood Fest: Cursing FateWednesday, March 28, 2012: Seriously Reviewed calls Blood Fest: Cursing Fate a great read.

She says: “Although some of the content in this book was heartbreaking to read, the story itself was a great read. Ms. O’Neal’s heroes and heroines are likeable and feel real. I found myself quickly turning the pages as I followed them on their journey to happiness and safety. The author’s villains are so vile, you find yourself plotting along with the good guys and wishing you could have a hand in their demise. I for one, plan to buy the first book in the series, Blood Fest – Chasing Destiny and am eager for the next one be released.” READ FULL REVIEW