Meet the Black Ops Characters


Levi KomakovDOSSIER:

Name: Levi Komakov

Occupation: Troubleshooter/McKenzie Crime Family – length of time in position: 4 years

Physical Description: 31 years of age, 6’1”, 190 lbs., black hair, blue eyes.

Training, Education & Experience: Joined British Army right out of secondary school at the age of 16, served three years before being selected for the SAS. Served five years in the SAS. Emigrated to US upon leaving the SAS, joined CIA as outside consultant/freelance operative. Expert marksman, sniper training, high marks in survival training and hand-to-hand combat, eighth-degree black-belt, Karate &Jujitsu. Languages spoken: English, Farsi, Spanish, German, Russian, French.

How Others Describe Subject: Komakov is quiet, unassuming, and deadly. Rarely makes mistakes. Friends and associates like and respect him, enemies fear him. Prefers to work alone, but also makes a good team member, although not especially patient with rookies. He has a high code of ethics and a legendary temper he rarely loses control of. He detests violence but will use it when necessary against criminals and thugs. Will not use deadly force except in defense of others and/or himself, however, he has no sympathy for terrorists, kidnappers, rapists, or murders. He is realistic, pragmatic, and a genius at improvisation when it comes to removing obstacles that hinder his mission.