Meet the Black Ops Characters


Max MaxwellDOSSIER:

Name: Allan Robert Maxwell, III. Goes by “Max”

Occupation: senior field officer/CIA – length of time in position: 14 years

Physical Description: 34 years of age, 6’3”, 220 lbs., light brown hair, hazel eyes.

Training, Education, & Experience: Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology. Served four years in the army, Special Forces, before joining CIA. Expert marksman, high marks in survival training and hand-to-hand combat. Languages spoken: English, Farsi, Spanish, German, Russian.

How Others Describe Subject: Maxwell is hard, tough, and mission focused, a real “by-the-book man.” He is sometimes described as “a bit of a hard ass” and claims he does not like that side of his personality. He is well-liked and respected by his team members. Has proven to be a good leader and takes responsibility for, and a personal interest in, those under his command. Tries to teach his subordinates proper survival skills to help them survive missions. Prefers to work in a team environment, though he can work equally well on his own. Admits to being an adrenalin junkie, but says he’s getting too old to for it.