Meet the Black Ops Characters


Tess HortonDOSSIER:

Name: Tess Horton

Occupation: Costume Designer/Small Business Owner, length of time in position: 3 1/2 years

Physical Description: 27 years of age, 5’5”, 115 lbs., red hair, gray eyes.

Training, Education & Experience: Bachelor’s Degree in Drama & Theater Arts, costume designer and manufacturer, owner of small costume shop in Salt Lake City, Utah, fluent in survival skills learned on the run. Languages spoken: English, a little Spanish.

How Others Describe Subject: Horton is clever and resourceful, stubborn, courageous, and somewhat needy at times. Subject is considered a smartass with a sarcastic wit. Has a sunny disposition when not being cynical. Generous, affectionate, warm, and kind with a redhead’s infamous temper, which she tries not to lose. She believes in happily ever after, just doesn’t believe it will happen to her. Subject claims to have prophetic dreams, which she can rarely interpret before the event predicted comes to pass. Witnesses verify the dream predictions do appear to come true and that subject does not care for the dreams.