I teach the following workshops. If you would like to take one of these workshops, please contact me through my contact form for the 2015 schedule, and I will let you know when and where I am teaching them. I also give private workshops if you need one.

BUSINESS ON A SHOESTRING—This is a class for writers who want to set up and organize their small business. It would also be for the writer who is unsure whether setting up a business for their writing career is advantageous or not. The class will deal will businesses in the US and Canada. It includes: deciding if your writing career is a business or a hobby, what the difference is, and why it matters, how to handle all the business details that come with success, taking advantage of the tax breaks that come from simply finishing the work-in-progress, whether or not setting up a structured small business is the right decision for you, to how to go about setting it up, what kind of business to set up, and how to minimize your tax liability. All on a shoestring. The class lasts four weeks.

WORDPRESS FOR BEGINNERS—This class focuses on understanding the basic functions of the WordPress backend. It includes: making posts and pages, adding images, copying and pasting from one post or page to another, creating links, connecting your social media links for FaceBook, Twitter, etc., using plugins, widgets, and themes, creating parent and child pages, using menus, and customizing the look and feel of your site. In short, everything you need to set a website or blog and make it uniquely yours. The class lasts four weeks.

WORDPRESS FOR ADVANCED USERS—Now that you have your website or blog set up, it’s time to get creative. This course focuses on advanced customizing of WordPress sites. It will include: troubleshooting your site when it crashes, creating custom themes and child themes, allowing users, allowing subscribers, importing and exporting content from different sources, creating user-friendly permalinks, search engine optimization, using the WordPress community forum, and creating a webhost server on your home computer that is not connected to the internet so that you can test ideas in a risk-free environment. The class lasts four weeks.

JOOMLA WEB-DESIGN SOFTWARE—This class focuses on using the free web design software called Joomla, which is similar to WordPress but has some advanced features that can give you more professional-looking website. It includes: understanding which version of Joomla to use, choosing templates, creating pages and blogs, using modules, creating menus, allowing users, creating links, managing images, and much more. By the time we finish, you’ll be able to use Joomla effectively to create a custom, professional-looking site. The class lasts four weeks.

BOOKKEEPING FOR WRITERS—This class is for writers who either don’t want to or can’t afford to hire an accountant to keep track of their business finances. The class will deal will accounting practices, basic instructions in Quicken & Excel, how to set up your books, and includes useful tax tips for writers in the US and Canada.